2023 Community Legal Services Client Survey

Recently, you used one of the services provided by Regional Alliance West, which operates a community legal service, to help you with a legal problem.  We would like to hear what you thought of the experience.

Please take a moment to answer 6 simple questions and add any other feedback that you want to give about the services you received from Regional Alliance West.

Your opinion will help us improve our services and a summary report will be given to the State and Commonwealth Governments, who partly fund community legal services.

All responses are anonymous. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact us at Regional Alliance West.

Thank you for participating. Your feedback is important and valued.

It was easy to contact the legal service when you first needed help.

The legal service staff listened to your legal problem.

The legal service helped you understand how to deal with your legal problem.

You know where to get help if you have another legal problem in the future.

The legal service was able to meet your specific personal or cultural needs.

You would recommend this legal service to other people.

How did you participate in this survey?

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