What we do.

Helping our community since 1984.

Community Reintegration

If you are returning from prison we may be able to help you by providing support through:

  • Parole Support
  • In house Counselling
  • Applications for housing- Department of Housing, Community housing, MRAC

Linking into other services that RAW programs offer

  • Money Business- Financial Numeracy and Literacy
  • Emergency Relief
  • Financial Counselling
  • PRAC- Assistance in finding a private rental
  • Community Legal Service – Legal advice and assistance in Criminal Injuries compensation, Tenancy issues such as debt or terminations, family Law as well as other areas of Law.



    Linking into services in the community

    • Specialised counselling such as Drug & Alcohol and Family Violence
    • Job Service providers
    • Rehabilitation Providers
    • Land Groups
    • ALS or Legal Aid
    • NDIS
    • Other Emergency relief agencies
    • Educational Facilities eg, TAFE
    • Mental Health services
    • Parenting services eg Ngala

    Assistance with returning to your remote community from prison

    • Transport Options Program where we can take you back to your community in the Midwest, Murchison and Gascoyne straight from the prison
    • Working with you and your job active provider to assist in finding employment, training or volunteering that you are interested in.
    • Transport to attend appointments such as for employment or parole reporting.
    • Contacting and checking up on family members to see if they are ok.


      If you are returning to the Midwest, Murchison and Gascoyne regions for your release you can be referred to us from any of the prisons or Reintegration service providers in Western Australia. You can also be referred to us if you are currently in Greenough Regional Prison but will be living in another part of WA after your release and we will work with you while you are at Greenough Regional Prison and refer you to the appropriate Reintegration provider for your region for help after release.

      Referrals are made once you are within 6 months of your earliest release date, just chat with the Transitional Manager at the prison you are in to be referred.



          Community Legal Service

          We can provide:

          • Free legal information and advice covering most aspects of the law;
          • A wide range of materials you can take away to read or have explained to you;
          • Help with preparing documents and letters;
          • Help to deal with others involved in your issue;
          • Assistance with understanding legal concepts and processes;
          • Information sessions on a wide variety of topics to groups.
          • Legal issues we might be able to help you with include:

            • Family issues such as separation, divorce, family violence, arrangements for children, dividing money, property and debts post-separation;
            • You’ve been hurt; at work, by someone else in your home, in a car, through the fault of someone else, as a victim of crime, as a child while in the care of adults or institutions;
            • Cars and driving, such as driver’s licences, fines, motor vehicle registration, problems with a car you’ve bought or car repairs;
            • Unfair treatment; at work or elsewhere such as unpaid wages, sacked, treated unfairly or differently to others because of something like your race, gender, or a disability;
            • Decision making, where you want someone to make decisions for you or you want to stop or change someone else making decisions for you,
            • Issues related to death and dying such as Wills or someone has died and there are arguments about their funeral, property, belongings, superannuation or debts;
            • Neighbourhood issues such as fences, noise, disruptive behaviour, threats and violence;
            • Problems with something you’ve bought or a poor service you’ve received.


            If you’re not sure if it is something we can help you with, just contact us and if we can’t help you ourselves, we’ll be able to give you some other options for where best to get the help you need.


            Indigenous Women’s Legal Programme

            This is an outreach services for Aboriginal women and we offer free legal information and advice covering most aspects of the law.


            We travel to communities within the Mid West as far as Meekatharra, including Mt Magnet, Cue and Yalgoo.


            Financial Services

            Financial Counselling

            • This Service provides free information, options and support to those who are experiencing difficulties with money.
            • Our Financial Counsellors can:
            • Help to organise a budget
            • Explain what to do if you can’t pay bills, debts or fines
            • Assist with working out payment arrangements with creditors
            • Inform you of Government assistance and entitlements
            • Advocate for you if you want to challenge a decision that affects you
            • Explain options regarding bankruptcy
            • HUGS – Hardship Utility Grant Schemes

            This service does not provide financial advice in regards to investments.


            Financial Services


            Our workers can support community members and their families with money management.

            • Work out your money goals
            • Create a budget
            • Put money aside for special occasions
            • Understand banking and finance
            • Use the internet to manage your money


            • Sort your bills out
            • NILs – No Interest Loans Scheme
            • Outreach to Mullewa, Carnarvon and Dongara.

            Emergency Relief

            If you are a Geraldton or Carnarvon resident and have an emergency that can be solved with a small payment, we may be able to assist.

            Emergency Relief can be used for:






            Recourring assistance will be referred to MoneyBusiness.


            Private Rental Accommodation and Casework

            Assists people with applying for private rental properties in Geraldton, property inspections, ingoing property condition reports and maintaining private tenancies. Provides some household items once housed

            Homelessness Programme

            Support to people that are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless for a period of up to 12 months after being housed in Geraldton. Comprehensive assessment of your needs. Ongoing casework and provision of services to suit your needs. Assistance in applying for public and private housing. Support in making your tenancy successful. Provides some household items once housed


            Tenant Advocate

            This service is available for any tenant. We help with information and assistance with your rights and responsibilities when managing your tenancy. We can also help with understanding letters and documents about your housing

            Our Carnarvon office can assist you in getting an appointment if you live in the Gascoyne region.


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