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Our Carnarvon Office Has Moved

The Regional Alliance West office has moved from Lotteries House, Carnarvon to our new offices in Stuart House. Our MoneyBusiness program and Gascoyne Community Legal Centre has moved to   11A Stuart Street. Phone...

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MoneyBusiness Outreach 2018

 A brief overview of the services provided ·         Help to do a Budget ·         Bill Sorting ·         Set up Centrepays ·         Help to set up Payment Plans ·         Options which may be available concerning finances ·         Information on the changes for...

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Outreach for Re-entry 2018

05 Feb               Yalgoo / Meekatharra 06 Feb               Wiluna 07 Feb               Meekatharra 08 Feb               Cue / Mt Magnet 20 Feb               Mullewa 13 Mar               Denham 14 Mar               Denham / Carnarvon 15 Mar               Gascoyne...

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Community Re-entry Assistance

If you're coming back to the community from prison we may be able to make the move easier for you.

We can help with:


Planning the move

RAW can assist you with finding a place to live.


We can assist with sorting out an income and helping you to budget.


Regional Aliiance West can connect you with other support services.

Employment Assistance

We will help you get back into work and connect you with employment, training & volunteer opportunities.

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Regional Alliance West's mission is:

To provide a forum through which members can work cooperatively towards the amelioration of distress and poverty in the community
To provide a forum that will foster and encourage sharing between agencies within the non-government sector
To stimulate, support, and/or develop new initiatives to meet the demand for emergency relief
To act as a community voice as a means through which action for change can be directed
To provide various services for the benefit of disadvantaged people
To encourage volunteer work within the organisation

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision…

To be recognised nationally as a leading community development based organisation in our field.  Several international projects are implemented based on the “RAW model” of operation.

The achievement of our vision must not compromise our core ideology at any stage.

Our Values…


Our decisions and operations will be driven by measurement against the ultimate benefits to our customers.  Our focus on our customers should not be compromised by any environmental factor.

We ultimately believe that of every customer that the organisation comes into contact with, his or her ability to grow and develop can be improved.



We believe that the success of the organisation is firmly in the hands of our people.  Our ability to achieve our vision depends upon attracting, developing and encouraging people who are committed to carrying out this task whilst achieving their own personal and family goals in life.  We support flexibility and an ability to drive change


Open, honest, congruent, and timely communication with stakeholders is central to the maintenance of credibility.  Our actions will be based upon the highest ethical standards, living up to our responsibilities, obligations and commitments.


We are committed to a culture of trust, professionalism, competence, shared knowledge, and service excellence.


We take personal responsibility to drive constructive change, and support our team members in developing lateral solutions to the problems facing our customers.  All members are encouraged to take educated, and calculated risks and to question and challenge existing processes and practices.


A continuous and consistent pursuit of excellence in service delivery, and human and community relations is aspired to.

Life long learning

Personal and professional development is an ongoing process.  We believe that each individual within the organization has a responsibility to proactively seek to better themselves, and that the organization has an equal responsibility to assist that endeavour.


With success comes responsibility of leadership.


Respect for all people is not to be compromised.  We encourage the giving and receiving of constructive feedback, with due consideration for views and beliefs differing from our own.  We seek to develop and nurture trust.

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